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Children Working On Backbends And Kickovers.
Basic Trampoline Class Working On Their Badge Level.

How Does A Trial Class Work?

Looking to try out one of our Tumbling or Parkour classes?

Book a Trial below and experience it for yourself before committing to the term. Check out our Term Classes page to find out when the term starts and for more Term details.

We can't wait to see you in action!

Term Class Options

We have a session to suit everyone!

Children Working On Backbend And Kickover Drills

Recreational Tumbling

Rolls, Cartwheels and more!

Our tumbling classes are perfect for children looking to improve their skills, no matter their skill level. From beginners to advanced, we have everything needed to ensure your child excels in a fun environment. Our expert coaches create a range of drills and activities within each class, meaning each child's abilities are challenged and pushed at their own pace, to achieve their goals. Our facility is well equipped and safe, guaranteeing your child the best possible experience of learning tumbling skills.

Child Performing A Parkour Skill From One Wall To Another

Standard Parkour

Become a ninja today!

We are dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of children through Parkour. Our facility provides a safe and fun environment for children of all skill levels to learn and master the fundamentals of the sport. Our goal is to encourage children to develop their physical fitness, coordination, and mental focus, all while having loads of fun! Whether it is improving technique or learning new skills, we provide a lively and supportive community to help your child succeed. Come and join us for a class today!

For Term Dates, Pricing, What To Expect:

Book Your Trial Class

Term Class Information


On Arrival:

Make yourself known to reception, tell them your child's name and the class they are registered for, they will check the child/ren in.

Then, depending on what time you have arrived, you will either be asked to wait in our viewing area until the coach is ready to begin the class or you may be able to head in straight away -reception will inform you at time of arrival.

Parents & Other Spectators:

We have a designated viewing area for you. We ask that you remain here at all times.

If you require access to your child, please head to reception or locate the manager and they will assist you; do not enter the gym area unless permission by the manager has been granted.

What Should Your Child Bring:


  • Bring a drink bottle.

  • Closed toe shoes e.g. sneakers/trainers (clean)


  • Bring a drink bottle.

  • Socks or bare feet.


Long hair should be tied back off the face.

Clothing shouldn't have buckles, zips etc as they may catch on the gear.


Term 1

WEEK 1: Monday 5th February - Friday 9th February

WEEK 2: Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February

WEEK 3: Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February

WEEK 4: Monday 26th February - Friday 1st March

WEEK 5: Monday 4th March - Friday 8th March

WEEK 6: Monday 11th March - Friday 15th March

WEEK 7: Monday 18th March - Friday 22nd March

WEEK 8: Monday 25th March - Friday 29th March

WEEK 9: Monday 1st April - Friday 5th April

Note: Flips & Tumbles is closed on Tuesday 6th February, Friday 29th March and Monday 1st April due to these being Public Holidays.

A make up class is scheduled for Tuesday 9th April, Friday 12th April and Monday 8th April respectively.

Term 2

WEEK 1: Monday 29th April - Friday 3rd May

WEEK 2: Monday 6th May - Friday 10th May

WEEK 3: Monday 13th May - Friday 17th May

WEEK 4: Monday 20th May - Friday 24th May

WEEK 5: Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May

WEEK 6: Monday 3rd June - Friday 7th June

WEEK 7: Monday 10th June - Friday 14th June

WEEK 8: Monday 17th June - Friday 21st June

WEEK 9: Monday 24th June - Friday 28th June

Note: Flips & Tumbles is closed on Monday 3rd June and Friday 28th June due to these being Public Holidays.

A make up class is scheduled for Monday 1st July and Friday 5th July respectively.

Term 3

WEEK 1: Monday 22nd July - Friday 26th July

WEEK 2: Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August

WEEK 3: Monday 5th August - Friday 9th August

WEEK 4: Monday 12th August - Friday 16th August

WEEK 5: Monday 19th August - Friday 23rd August

WEEK 6: Monday 26th August - Friday 30th August

WEEK 7: Monday 2nd September - Friday 6th September

WEEK 8: Monday 9th September - Friday 13th September

WEEK 9: Monday 16th September - Friday 20th September

Term 4

WEEK 1: Monday 14th October - Friday 18th October

WEEK 2: Monday 21st October - Friday 25th October

WEEK 3: Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November

WEEK 4: Monday 4th November - Friday 8th November

WEEK 5: Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November

WEEK 6: Monday 18th November - Friday 22nd November

WEEK 7: Monday 25th November - Friday 29th November

WEEK 8: Monday 2nd December - Friday 6th December

WEEK 9: Monday 9th December - Friday 13th December

Note: Flips & Tumbles is closed on Monday 28th October due to it being a Public Holiday.

Due to the nature of Term 4, if you sign up to a Monday class, you will be given another form of compensation for this missed class -details will be released prior to Term 4 beginning.



4 PM - 5 PM | Standard Parkour, Recreational Tumbling

5 PM - 6 PM | Standard Parkour, Recreational Tumbling

6 PM - 7 PM | Standard Parkour


4 PM - 5 PM | Standard Parkour

5 PM - 6 PM | Standard Parkour

6 PM - 7 PM | Standard Parkour


4 PM - 5 PM | Standard Parkour, Recreational Tumbling

5 PM - 6 PM | Standard Parkour, Recreational Tumbling

6 PM - 7 PM | Standard Parkour


4 PM - 5 PM | Standard Parkour

5 PM - 6 PM | Standard Parkour

6 PM - 7 PM | Standard Parkour


4 PM - 5 PM | Standard Parkour

5 PM - 6 PM | Standard Parkour​

6 PM - 7 PM | Standard Parkour

Recommended Ages:

4 PM - 5 PM Class | 4.5 - 8.5 years

5 PM - 6 PM Class | 8.5 - 12.5 years

6 PM - 7 PM Class | 8.5 - 14.5 years


1-Hour Class

9-Week Term:

$199.99 per person

5-Week Term (Mid-Term Sign Up):

$119.99 per person

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