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Multiple Participants Enjoying An Open Session
Parent & Toddler Creating Memories At A Toddler Tumble Session

Term Classes

Our Term Classes are personalised to teach to each child's level of ability.With structured sessions, we encourage individual growth and creativity in a supportive environment. Join us for an enriching experience!

Recreational Tumbling

Our Recreational Tumbling classes are the perfect opportunity for children to learn the basics and progress towards advanced skills in a fun and supportive environment. Our skilled instructors provide personalised instruction and guidance to help each child build confidence, balance, and agility. Join us for classes, available every day of the week from Monday to Saturday, and watch your child blossom into a confident tumbler!

Coach running a Basic Parkour Workshop

Standard Parkour

Our Standard Parkour classes are perfect for kids who love to move and explore. Here, they'll learn the essential techniques required to overcome obstacles and objects efficiently and safely while having fun. Our qualified coaches provide comprehensive training, including flip work and other moves inspired by the art of Parkour. Enrol your child now and watch them develop confidence, strength, and agility while having a blast!

Coach going over the Badge Levels in a Trampoline Class

Standard Trampoline

At our facility, we offer Standard Trampoline classes that will teach your child valuable skills while keeping them engaged and entertained. Our experienced instructors prioritise safety, teaching children how to use the trampoline safely, and how to crash safely. Your child will leave our classes with a sense of accomplishment and the ability to use their trampoline safely on their own one at home!

Coming Soon

Above are our main Term Class options that will be offered upon opening.

We plan to introduce additional term classes in the future, subject to coach availability and staffing.

See below for the additional term classes.

Stay tuned for more exciting options to enhance your experience at Flips & Tumbles!

Casual Sessions

Join us for a casual session at Flips & Tumbles, we have a session suitable for all ages!

Attend as little or as much as you like and experience inclusive, active fun in a welcoming environment.

Toddler Tumble

Toddler Tumble is the perfect opportunity for your little ones to freely explore and discover in our Flips & Tumbles arena. Our unstructured session allows for free-roam and playtime, under the active supervision of parents. Join our fun activity and watch your toddlers tumble their way to joy and laughter!

Open Sessions

Our facility is the perfect place for an Open Session. Come on down and use all of our gear, including our sprung floor, trampolines, and parkour course. Our top instructors will be there to supervise and assist where needed to make sure you have a fun and safe experience. This session is open to ages 5 years and up, although under 5s are welcome with a paying adult who will actively supervise.

Adult Class

Don't let the kids have all the fun. Join our Adult Class and experience the thrill of our incredible recreational sports centre. Our dedicated sessions are tailored for our adult clients, allowing you to utilize all of our amazing gear, including our sprung floor, trampolines, and parkour equipment. With top instructors on hand to supervise and assist where needed, you can confidently learn new skills in tumbling, parkour and trampoline at any level of ability. Join us and discover a whole new world of fun and fitness!

Private Sessions

Our Recreational Sports Centre offers customised Private Sessions, ensuring that each participant can make solid progress towards their goals. Our expert instructors will provide focused guidance where needed, helping you to acquire the skills you need to excel. We understand that your busy schedule means that class times may not work. Our flexible scheduling ensures that our sessions happen when it works best for you.

Kids Night Out!

Looking for a fun Saturday night activity for your kids? Look no further than our Kids Night Out session!

From 4pm to 8pm on a Saturday, children aged 5 and up* can enjoy free-play, Nerf battles, pizza, movies, and more in a supervised and safe environment.

Parents can relax and take the night off, knowing that their little ones are having a blast under our care.

*under 5 years may attend as long as they are toilet-trained and are happy to be left without a parent for the duration of this session.

Holiday Programme

Our Holiday Programmes offer a fantastic way to keep your child engaged and active during school breaks.

Join us for a fun-filled and educational experience where children can learn new skills, make friends and create lasting memories.

We have a range of session options to suit all types of working and non-working parents!

Booking Options


Our Holiday Programme is packed full of fun and exciting activities that will keep your little ones engaged and entertained. With a range of session times to choose from, you can easily fit our programme into your busy schedule. And with expert coaching and top-class facilities, you can rest assured that your kids are in good hands at Flips & Tumbles.


Unlock beatable value with our Week Passes!

Choose an Individual Week Pass or a Sibling Week Pass for unlimited access throughout the week.

Looking for extended fun? Check out our 2-Week Pass options!

Additional Sessions


Explore a variety of exciting workshop sessions in Tumbling, Trampoline or Parkour!

Mix and match your favourites or opt for the ultimate Holiday Workshop Pass to make the most of your holiday break!


Gear up for a thrilling Nerf Battle this holiday season!

We provide all the equipment, including bullets, guns and safety masks.

Enter the battlefield, if you are up for the challenge!

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